Chi siamo

Art Marketing Mangement is a collective project that explores the theme of arts marketing and artistic consumption.

We don’t see arts marketing as a business tool applied to arts, but as a hybrid born between the borders of business activities and art expression. Arts Marketing is not the application of marketing in the cultural field (such as “fashion marketing” is the marketing usually applied to fashion product): it is the specific set of tools belonging to the cultural world applied to the general marketing discipline.

Art organizations are mission-oriented firms whose economic objectives are only instrumental to the mission-related objectives. Art organizations (both non-profit and for-profit) are facing difficulties in reaching economic and mission objectives, so they try to adopt business practices to better use their resources. However business activities don’t fit art organizations objectives and possibilities, so this effort is often frustrated. Indeed marketing tools can’t be imported in the arts without applying changes, starting from the unique point of view of art consumption.

So art can’t be seen just as the lever “product” of arts marketing. Art, artistic organizations and  artistic consumption behavior must be the means to create a new marketing: Arts Marketing.



The themes Art Marketing Management wants to explore from our perspective include but are not limited to:

  • Arts consumption behavior
  • Museum and theatre marketing
  • Communication of arts
  • Arts marketing theory
  • Audience development
  • Arts and technology
  • Strategic arts marketing